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My Favorite Hobby

Everyone has a favorite hobby. Someone likes gardening. Someone likes painting. Someone likes stamp collecting. I have also a favorite hobby. My favorite hobby is gardening. I like gardening because it gives me pleasure and removes my monotony. It is very useful for mind and health. When I become tired, I go to the garden. I dig the soil and give water to the plants. Thus I spend half an hour in my garden.  I work there in the morning or in the afternoon. After coming from school / college, I usually go to my garden. There are different kinds of plants in my garden. I enjoy them very much. I invite my friends and neighbors to my garden. They come and become astonished to see the colorful flowers. They inspire me very much. As I work in the garden in my leisure time, it does not hamper my studies. Rather it refreshes my mind. It has become a part and parcel in my life.

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04 সেপ্টেম্বর 2019 "পড়াশোনা" বিভাগে জিজ্ঞাসা Md:Tuhin (সম্পাদক)
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